Customized tours

Dutch Organ Tours also offers the possibility to organize a customized organ tour where everything is possible, from organ visits to a fully organized trip. You determine the length of the journey and the content yourself, with Dutch Organ Tours using her experience and knowledge of the Dutch historical organs to advise you. A good opportunity for organist associations to get acquainted with the famous Dutch organ treasury!

In addition to historical organs, the Netherlands also has an exceptionally high level of organ building that for a major part has been formed by the restoration of the historical organs. Many instruments in the Netherlands and over the world from builders like Flentrop, Reil, Verschueren and others testify to this. In cooperation with organ builders it is also possible to visit their workshops and their new and restored instruments, where more on the organ in technical and sound technical sense can be discussed.

The organ teaching at Dutch conservatories is also at a very high level. Various conservatories such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague therefore attract many organ students from other countries. The varied study programme of the organ department is built around the wonderful historical organs in the Netherlands. It stimulates students to become versatile, highly skilled professional musicians capable of interpreting the literature from early to contemporary music, while also developing the necessary keyboard and improvisation skills. In collaboration with the conservatories organ tours with workshops and master classes etc. by top teachers are possible with focus on all desired aspects.


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